JWC Environmental was started in 1973 in Santa Ana, California by father and son Joseph and Woodie Chambers. They invented the first dual-shafted wastewater grinder and eventually named it the Muffin Monster. Today, JWCE has shipped over 25,000 Muffin Monsters worldwide and our family of 150 employees are committed to providing leading technologies, services and value. We manufacture over 200 different versions of grinders and screens for sewage and sludge processing.

The Muffin Monster is legendary in the wastewater industry for power and reliability – it efficiently turns rags, trash and debris into small particles so they flow easily through pumps and systems.


Our Products

Advanced sewage treatment equipment is of vital and growing importance to the world and JWCE is a leading manufacturer of equipment for wastewater treatment, solids reduction, solids removal and processing. The Monster family of products is legendary for quality and reliability – including the Muffin Monster® and Channel Monster® sewage grinders, Auger Monster® wastewater screens, Screenings Washer Monster® and Monster Separation Systems® – incorporating a finescreen or bandscreen with superior screenings conditioning.

JWCE products have won a total of five Innovative Technology Awards from the Water Environment Federation, more than any other wastewater manufacturer. JWC is honored to have won the WEF award in 1997 for the Auger Monster wastewater screen; in 2001 for the Screenings Washer Monster washer-compactor; in 2003 for the Honey Monster septage receiving system; in 2006 for the high-tech Monster Separation System and in 2017 for the Wipes Ready® Technology.